Sensi Impact fund 

About Sensi Impact Fund

Our Impact Investing programme invests in businesses, organizations and funds that we believe have the potential to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. We support entrepreneurs that are working to build relationships between business and the issues around them. We support them by providing access to capital and push them in the direction where they can build a more sustainable economy.

Why Impact  Investing 

Impact investing is an excellent tool for us to solve very complex problems in our societies. Because it offers us market-based solutions to social and environmental challenges we intend to address.  

Our Strategy

Technology, combined with a deep understanding of low-to-moderate income community needs, is at the core of our investment strategy. Sensi Impact Fund  – identifies and supports best-in-class entrepreneurs who are scaling systematic change by:

  • Making better quality products and services more affordable
  • Developing business solutions with environmental impacts
  • Developing businesses that improve quality of life of all Sierra Leoneans through employment generation
  • Creating information chains to facilitate market transparencies and opening up supply
  • Developing tools that grow small businesses.

We support entrepreneurs from various socioeconomic backgrounds, who possess a shared passion for business, fueled by a higher purpose and concern for the well-being of humanity. The technology-enabled businesses in our portfolio empower underserved markets in the sectors of education, health and wellness, and emerging marketplaces.We have built a national ecosystem of persons and organizations aimed to improve employment opportunities and close the unemployment gap – one investment at a time.